Facial cleansing – 301.38HRK/40EUR
(microdermabrasion, mechanical cleaning, ultrasonic spatula, ubtan mask, radio frequency, serum, cream)

Parvati facial care – 203.43HRK/27EUR
(microdermabrasion, uzv spatula, ubtan mask, face/neck/décolleté massage, serum, cream)

Ganesha facial care – 203.43HRK/27EUR
(microdermabrasion, ubtan mask, radio frequency, ultrasonic spatula, serum, cream)

Lakshmi facial care – 256.17 HRK/34EUR
(microdermabrasion, ubtan mask, radio frequency, ultrasonic spatula, face/neck/décolleté massage, serum, cream)

Bollywood glow – 452.07HRK/60EUR
(Ayurvedic treatment with three types of massage: manual, with herbal compresses and kansa wand)

Dermapen face – 753.45HRK/100EUR

Dermapen face and neck – 866.46HRK/115EUR

Dermapen neck – 376.72HRK/50EUR

Dermapen décolletage – 376.72HRK/50EUR

Dermapen face, neck and décolletage – 1017.15HRK/135EUR

Dermapen package 3+1 gratis

*With every dermapen treatment, you get Parvati hydrating mist as a gift*

Eyelash extensions

Volume – 406.86HRK/54EUR
(3D, 4D)

Volume infill – 241.10HRK/32EUR
(up to 4 weeks)

Classic – 301.38HRK/40EUR
(1 extension on the natural eyelash)

Classic infill – 203.43HRK/27EUR
(up to 4 weeks)

Eyelash extension removal – 75.34HRK/10EUR


Gel extension – 226.03HRK/30EUR

Gel refill – 188.36HRK/25EUR

Permanent polish – 120.55HRK/16EUR

French/babyboomer – 30.13HRK/4EUR
(added on price of nail restoration or gel extension)

Pedicure – 128.08HRK/17EUR

Pedicure with nail restoration – 150.69HRK/20EUR

Our Story

Oriental Beauty Cosmetics is a homemade brand of hand made cosmetics. Everything is made in small batches, from packaging to the ingredients. Each product is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that they are safe and effective.

We’ve always been fascinated by the art of cosmetics. We love how it can improve peoples looks, but more importantly, making people feel better about themselves.

All our products are vegan and cruelty free and we pride ourselves with continued after-care advice and support.

Why Choose Us

We always put customer first. That’s why excellence in customer care is our primary objective. With over 5 years of hand-made beauty products we are here to answer any and all questions you might have before or after the purchase!

“I've been buying Oriental Beauty Cosmetics products for over 2 years now and can't seem to get enough of them!”

“Simply flawless. The products are super creative and suit my skin perfectly!”

“I fell in love with the entire skincare set instantly. Can't wait for new releases.”