Kumkumadi tailam

Unveil the timeless beauty secrets of Ayurveda with our premium Kumkumadi oil serum -exquisite Ayurvedic elixir for youthful skin.

Kumkumadi serum is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation, made from pure Kashmir saffron and other 24 unique potent ayurvedic oils and herbs.

This Ayurvedic oil serum is formulated to help skin look young, healthy and significantly reduces hyperpigmentation.








50,00  (376,73 kn)

More info about the product

The main ingredient in this potent elixir is saffron, which is known for its ability to transform and brighten your skin.

Floral components like lotus pollens and blue water lily boost collagen production.

Cooling and soothing ingredients like red sandalwood, vetiver and bael fruit make this serum suitable for inflamed and reactive skin.

Containing the essence of plants like java fig and mahua, Kumkumadi tailam has potent medicinal effect on the skin, while ingredients like licorice treat concerns like discoloration and age spots, among other things.



– as the final step of your evening routine (after serum or cream), apply 3-4 drops and gradually massage it into the face

– use it only in the evening

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